The Krinklewood Styled Shoot

February 8, 2022

Romance and decadence: a charming collision.

Resting between Wollombi’s glistening, free flowing brook and the tranquil serenity of Brokenback Range’s luscious landscape, is The Hunter Valley’s best kept secret – Krinklewood.

Roused by the French fondness of tender romance and passion for living purposefully, the boutique winery embodies subtle styling with a striking focus on sustainable structures and organic produce. Capturing the enchanting elegance and endless possibility of the French countryside, Krinklewood invites its guests to explore the expansive garden, escaping one reality – only to find themselves lost in another.

Intimacy-focused Photographer Alex Jack approached this styled shoot determined to capture the effortless romance and fun-loving features of the devoted duo, Olivia and Dylan. Leaning into the dappled lighting and soft shadows of Krinklewoods private courtyard, Alex raced alongside the setting sun to capture the untouched and honest exchanges between two. On her tail, artfully romantic videographer Bonnie, the brains and beauty behind Bonnie Lass Films, caught every fragile moment on film.

Local Floral Designer Ash, owner and creative director of Film and Foliage, tangled her love of rich colours and moody textures to create an ethereal, yet entirely mindful style masterpiece. A classic palette of captivating chocolates, dreamy creams and velvet-burgundies celebrated the muted neutral tones of the Provencal property. Ash sought our seasonal blooms grown by local growers and honoured the sustainable values of the day by designing foam free and avoiding single use plastics. The scene was serenaded by the Graphics of Newcastle talent Ebony and Ivory – subtle curves with striking colours admired the flora colour pallet lovingly.

Vintage cutlery lay next to organic shaped ceramic crockery. A worthy partner for soft, luxury-sown silk draped across café style tables, glistening in the gentle afternoon lighting. Each surface was ever-so slightly dissimilar in shape and size. This led Ash to adjust the design of each table scape, applauding a unique experience for every guest. Meanwhile, peonies, lilies and Julia roses were the humble heroes that offered a new life to an abundance of smoke bush, towering up the arbour where two adoring lovers would meet, wed and intertwine for life.

To-be-bride Olivia was dressed by none other than Newcastle designer, Sophie from Luna Joy. Known for her modern and thoughtfully refined approach to elegance, Sophie selected a soft, scrunch-sleeved gown, a hybrid combination of comfort and unapologetic style. A sweeping neckline plunged to Olivia’s torso, complimented by a subtle, thigh-high split draped down her left leg. An open back honoured the loose waves spilling over Olivia’s shoulders, care of Hair Stylist Emma Matthews, which rested gently above a considered cinch at the waist. It was a conscious compliment to Olivia’s vivacious character and an impeccable celebration of her figure.

Adorned by delicate pieces and precious stones, both Olivia and Dylan wore handmade embellishments by local jeweller, made by A. Maker and designer, Amelia, created both rings with natural beauty in mind, connecting the imperfect beauty of her pieces with the sensitive and honest nature of human beings.

Make up Artist Breanna from Hers honoured Olivia’s natural features, paying homage to her striking brows and deep, dark eyes. Illuminating her freckles, Breanna chose a bold wine-stained lip to signify empowerment and effervescence amongst this brilliantly decadent setting.

Alongside Olivia, dapper prince Dylan was fitted by Newcastle tailors, Rundle Tailoring, a family-owned menswear business offering custom pieces since 1830. Emulating charm and sophistication with a modern twist on the traditional tuxedo, Dylan wore an open collar, suggested the surrender to a slightly more relaxed encounter. The contrast of crisp white and stark black made a simple, yet remarkable statement, never compromising on style or character.

The final piece to the puzzle, a Hello Naomi masterpiece. An aesthetically appetising treat fit for any wedding. A softly textured coconut exterior wrapped the minimal yet delicious cake within, complimented with a crisp glass of Krinklewood’s very own organic wine, made with love on site.