Sure, I like keeping up with the times as much as the next person. But really, I’m just an old soul who cooks dinner to the rhythm of The Beatles and Ben Kweller, sneaks into the shadows at big events to engage in healthy 1:1 Deep and Meaningfuls, spends too long in the garden tending to all my homegrown veggies, rewatches old cult favourite films and wonders slowly through a fast-paced society.

While I take photos of people professionally for weddings, I've always struggled to take photos of things in my personal life. When the connection was missing, I felt a little bit lost. So, I made friends with film! There’s something so magic about framing a moment once and not having the ability to change anything about it. There’s no dissecting it or editing it or trying to make it better, you just fall in love with that frame the way it is. And I guess that’s what I admire most about relationships – two distinctly different individuals coming together, complimenting one another and being accepted, just the way they are.

I love that we’re all individuals and I believe in creating a comfortable space for people to be themselves. I’m here for the unconventional couples who do things their own way, whether that’s in line with tradition or far from it. I’m also loyal to the concept of romance taking many forms. Love looks different to all of us, I get that.

I’m all about connection, so I’ve become an avid people reader and an energy enhancer. I’m a no bullshit kind of girl – I just want people to feel good. I adjust to each couple’s level of affection and enjoy finding ways to document them in a candid, authentic way. I don’t necessarily pose people, but I do give them cues to prompt natural movement - always focused on catching the in-between moments. You know, hilarious reactions, quick hugs and the adventures between point A and point B.

I take a relaxed and down to earth approach to Wedding Photography.

That part is easy, because I’m a huge goofball and generally quite chilled.

When I tell the story of Your Wedding, it’s based off my understanding of you as a couple and how closely we’re emotionally connected. I want to understand which moments are unmissable, so I can capture them instinctively. I see something and I click. I hear something and I click. I feel something and I click. Google tells me it’s called being intuitive and I’m happy to roll with that.

I like to be involved in the Wedding process and help my couples as much as possible. Whether that’s writing three different tailored timelines to see which works best for the atmosphere you're trying to create or giving you tips on how to execute a day that will genuinely reflect your relationship. Regardless of what your dream is, I want to help you bring it to life.

If you connect with my work and this ticks your boxes, please get in touch – I would love to chat!