So, this is where I turn the lens on myself for a moment...

I’m fascinated by human beings - we are crazy, random, hilarious, kind, beautiful, flawed creatures - and that fascination is what inspires me each day when I step behind the camera.

While I don't like to think of myself as a romantic.. I get my kicks out of observing and documenting the unique dynamic between two individuals who choose to navigate the ups and downs of life together. Thats how I ended up taking photos of real people, really in love.

Every couple deserves to have their story captured - whether you're into getting married or simply want a memory of whoever you are at this juncture in your lives.

I want to make organic images that capture your story - honestly, intimately, and with a twist adventure!

I’m also extremely inspired by nature. When I'm not taking photos, I spend my time with my partner Andy looking for new beautiful scenery to incorporate into my photography. 

If you want a laid-back and intimate photography for your engagement shoot, your wedding or elopement, then I'm your photographer.

Get ready for some fun times!